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One of our assignments in my ECS 311 class- Pedagogy, Theory and Practices, included selecting 3 students in our field placement to observe how they learn and develop instructional strategies that we would implement when working with them. This assignment was called Student In Your Pocket. If you are interested in reading the observations I made and what I would do to help my students, click here.

Throughout the semester we were assigned weekly readings that we would write responses to help develop our critical thinking skills. Our responses were made in a 3-2-1 format: 3 big take away ideas from the reading, 2 connections we make from the readings to our own experiences in the classroom as a student/pre service teacher and 1 question or challenge we have about the topic. 

Click on the links below if you are interested in reading responses for two of the assigned topics:

3-2-1 Controversial Subjects

3-2-1 Anti-Oppressive Education

The class following our assigned readings we were place in groups where we had discussions about the readings. Every week a different student would host the discussion, linking a discussion starter on our class community page and asking 3 questions during the discussion. 

My topic for hosting the discussion was on Anti-Racism. If you are interested in reading about the conversation you can read my comments from our discussion here

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